Emergency and Life Saving Medicines Register

Emergency and Life Saving Medicines Register

Last updated June 2024

Click here for the Victorian Emergency and Life Saving Medicines (ELSM) Register


For URGENT poisoning and antidote information or advice 24/7 contact VPIC on 13 11 26 to access a specialist in poisons information and the toxicologist on-call for Victoria.

For NON-URGENT poisoning and antidote information or to discuss the ELSM Register telephone 13 11 26 or email VPIC at

To UPDATE your hospital’s stock levels on the register please email VPIC at


The Victorian Emergency and Life Saving Medicines (ELSM) Register is maintained by the Victorian Poisons Information Centre (VPIC) on behalf of the Victorian Therapeutic Advisory Group (VicTAG) as a service to member hospitals. It is intended as a mechanism for information sharing. Details have been provided by participating hospitals in Victoria and are updated annually and when new information is provided by participating hospitals. 

Stock levels quoted in the Register are based on reports received from hospitals. Stock may not be held at the stated levels at all times. For more detailed information about actual stock holdings at a particular time, and access to stock in emergency situations, please contact individual hospitals. 



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